Board of Directors

The CYCA Board of Directors is comprised entirely of volunteers with a passion for the sport of curling. Each board member contributes their unique perspective to the sport that helps to build and maintain junior curling in Calgary and area.
The board meets once a month during the curling season for about 1-1/2 to 2 hours.

If you are interested in helping to maintain the programs, help build or improve opportunities for youth curlers then perhaps you might want to consider joining our Board of Directors.


Meet CYCA’s 2018-2019 Board of Directors


Past-President – Heather Rogers
Heather RogersThis is Heather’s 8th year on the CYCA Board of Directors. She was a participant in the CYCA Sunday league from 2004-2006 and has competed as a bantam, juvenile and junior and is now competing at the women’s World Curling Tour level. She was an instructor for the Calgary Winter Club youth programs throughout university, and has taught at the Alberta Rocks Summer Camp.  Heather has not only coached  a Juvenile Boys team and then a Junior Women’s team but has also been playing competitively herself at the same time.  She knows first-hand what the CYCA can offer young curlers and what a stepping stone it can be as a competitive athlete.

President – Anji Lawrence
This is my third year on the board and I am looking forward to working with such a great group of volunteers.  My son has been involved with the junior program at ARC Curling Club for the last 6 years and has been a member of the Sunday League for 4 years.   I like to stay involved in my kid’s activities so took the Club Coach, it was a great learning experience and lead to a much more understood and enjoyed season.  I am excited for the new opportunities that will come with my position with CYCA and look forward to a wonderful curing season.

CYCA Vice-President Vacant*


Treasurer – Doug Walker
I am in my 4th year on the board this year and am looking forward to the challenges of my position. I have been a curler myself since age 12, though I haven’t had much time to pursue it recently. My children joined the junior program at the Cochrane Curling Club four years ago and have since graduated to the CYCA Sunday League. I have been involved as an instructor and club coach with our Bantam Girls teams during this time. The structure of the Sunday league makes it very easy to start off with a new team and continue the growth of the players individually and the team as a whole. I really enjoy watching the players and teams mature together, whether they are celebrating a win or consoling each other after a tough loss. I live for that a-ha moment when something finally clicks and they give you that knowing smile through the glass. Here’s to a successful season for everyone.

Secretary – Jason MacLennan
This will be my first year in the board, (so go easy on me!), and I’m looking forward to working with this great group of people.  I have two daughters who have curled since age five.  Curling has been a great way for them to meet new friends since we moved to Calgary two years ago.  I myself have been curling since age 12, though work has limited that as of late.


CYCA Coordinator/Facilitator – Tammy Subasic
Tammy brings extensive Information Technology and management experience to CYCA.  Prior to taking on the role of stay at home mom, her role was Intel Services Manager for Encana, in charge of worldwide server and desktop infrastructure.

Since then, her role as mom of four has been at the forefront of her life, but she also keeps busy with volunteering.  She is currently in charge of communications and managing websites for the CWL (Catholic Women’s League), as well as for the Vulcan Legion.  She is also in charge of volunteer screening for Captivenia, an overnight girl’s summer camp in Southern Alberta.

Tammy’s curling career has included high school and mixed league play before starting a family.  Her kids are already better than she ever was!  Tammy’s children have been curling in the junior program at the Indus Curling Club over the past six years.  Three of them are currently curling with CYCA.

CYCA – Sunday League Coordinator – Justin Petkau


CYCA Volunteer Coordinator – Anne Becker
This is my first year being a board member with CYCA. I’ve been involved in volunteering with both of my boys sport teams for years but this is my first year being on the board.  My oldest son started with CYCA Sunday League 3 yrs. ago and had an awesome experience. Now my youngest son is just starting his first year with the Sunday League.  I observed how CYCA Sunday League make a difference in helping develop, improved, and inspire each young curlers. I am looking forward to help out and work with CYCA Board members.

CYCA Casino Coordinator – Emmanuelle Maucci
This is my first year on the CYCA board of directors. My children have been involved in curling in Calgary since 2011. I have watched them grow and make so many friends all over the city and even over the Province.

As a parent, it is easy to think that the Sunday league just “happens” and not realize the efforts made behind the scene to make this program successful. This year, I am stepping up to the plate to help with organizing the volunteers for the casino. The casino brings the funds necessary to make the Sunday league and other activities affordable for all families. I am looking forward to working with all the members of the board.

CYCA Programs Director – Vacant*


CYCA Event Directors – 3x – Vacant*

  • CYCA Ray Kingsmith
  • CYCA Jam Can
  • CYCA Friends & Family Bonspiel – Scott “Coach Cowboy” Morton
    Entering my third year on the Board.  I have been involved with juniors’ curling for many years as an instructor and Certified Level 2 Competitive Coach at the Acadia Rec Center. This year I am working on my Level 3 Coaching Certificate. As an instructor I enjoy working with young athletes and giving them the tools to improve their curling skills. I have also been involved with doing camps with the Rocks and Rings floor curling to help bring more awareness to the sport. As a coach I get satisfaction seeing a group of players come together to form a team who strives to be their best in competitive curling. I would now like to take things to the next level and being a member of the CYCA board will allow me to achieve that goal.
    Scott “Coach Cowboy” Morton

CYCA Youth Development Director – Gregg Hamilton
This is my first year on the CYCA board of directors. I participated in the CYCA Jam Can for many years and curled in the CYCA Sunday league from 2006 to 2009. I have curled for 15 years through bantam, juvenile and junior aged competitive curling and I am now curling competitively on the Men’s World Curling Tour.  I have instructed all ages of curling through the Garrison youth curling program and learn to curl programs. The CYCA was fundamental in ensuring my development as a competitive curler and therefore, I look forward to working as a member of the board.


CYCA Junior Youth Liaison – Riley Helston


Social Media Ambassador (SMA) – Christopher Pratt
Christopher Pratt has been a participant in the CYCA Sunday league for four years now. He loves curling and currently curls out of the Calgary Winter Club in Calgary, Alberta. In the summer, when the curling season is unfortunately over, he golfs. Chris is also an avid volunteer around his city and community and loves to volunteer his time to causes around the city, such as the 50/50 at the 2015 Calgary Brier, weeding in Weaselhead Park and as a City of Calgary volunteer for Canada’s 150 Celebrations Chris is also currently the CYCA’s Social Media Ambassador. If you have an interesting curling story, Chris would love to post about it! Please contact us through our various social media streams: Calgary Youth Curling Association (Facebook), @Curling_Jrs (Twitter) and cyca_jrs (Instagram and Snapchat).


CYCA Club Director – Vacant*


CYCA Club Liaisons

  • Cochrane – Dawn Marie Cinnamon
    I was happy to join the CYCA board as I have seen over the last few years the great work they do with are youth curlers.  Both of my kids are CYCA curlers and love the program.  I wanted to be able to give back to a program that has given so much to us as a family.  I hope I will be able to support our youth curlers over the season and the volunteers who run the program.(one from each member club)
  • Airdrie LiaisonVacant
  • North Hill Liaison – Glenn Ector
    This is my second year on the board and I am looking forward to contributing to the growth of our great Sport for both Recreational and Competitive curlers. I have enjoyed curling since childhood and both our teenage kids have developed the same passion for this great sport. They have curled at North Hill for 9 seasons and enjoyed the CYCA Sunday League as well.
  • Calgary Club Liaison – Vacant
  • Springbank Liaison – Carissa Backus
  • Garrison Liaison – Vacant
  • Arc Liaison – Vacant
  • Strathmore Liaison – Vacant
  • Indus Liaison – Brent Lee
    Residing in Langdon with my wife and 2 children. My passion for curling increased when my son became involved in curling 5 years ago.  He joined the CYCA League this year and I love to watch him grow and excel at the game of curling. This is my first year of involvement with the CYCA and my first year on the CYCA board. I bring to the CYCA 25 years of curling experience and a long history of volunteering for various organizations.  I have held many positions as a board member and as a coach. I am currently the coordinator and coach for Indus Junior curling, organizing and instructing kids 6 to 18 years of age. My winter pastimes include curling in leagues at the Indus Curling Club, coaching and playing hockey.
  • Okotoks – Vacant
  • Carstairs – Vacant

Member at Large – Chris Lyons
Chris Lyons has a daughter who is entering her third year of curling with the CYCA.  Chris was brand new to curling when his daughter fell in love with the sport.  Since that time, Chris has become an enthusiastic fan; never missing a chance to watch his daughter curl, has himself taken some curling lessons and will be participating in league curling this coming season at The Glencoe Club.

Chris looks forward to contributing to the CYCA community through volunteering on the board.

Member at Large – Blair Becker
I am the father of two curlers.  One is starting his CYCA career and the older one is a graduate of the CYCA and playing Bonspeils this year.  I have curled several years in fun leagues but have taken time off to concentrate on the boys activities but looking forward to getting back into a league in the future.



*Let us know if you are interested in helping with any of the “Vacant” positions.