Social Media Ambassador (SMA)


The successful applicant is expected to complete a one-year term as the CYCA Social Media Ambassador (SMA). The objective is to engage through social media with the curling community. More specifically to promote: CYCA events, U15/U18/U21 Curling in Southern Alberta and share curling’s ‘hot topics’.

The SMA shall communicate through social media including (but not limited to): Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Target audience includes current/past/potential youth curlers, parents, coaches, students, teachers, competitive curlers, recreational curlers, fans, curling club staff and any others interested in youth curling.

It would be preferred that the candidate be a current member of junior curling.


  • Be aware of and communicate upcoming CYCA programs and events
  • Work closely with the CYCA Coordinator / Facilitator and Web-master to be sure events are out and published on time.
  • Be aware of and communicate junior curling activities in the Calgary area or involving Calgary area curlers in both gender categories
  • Support and encourage the junior curling community with information, tips, etc
  • Communicate with members in a supportive and encouraging manner to promote curling.
  • Use appropriate language & tone for young people and families


Facebook Likes: 274 Target by end of contract: 300
Twitter Followers: 417 Target by end of contract: 450
Instagram Followers: 152 Target by end of contract: 200
  • Connect with a minimum of 60% of current Sunday League participants/families
  • Minimum of 3 posts monthly (between all 3 platforms)
  • Attend minimum of 1 CYCA Board meeting in each the Fall (Sept – Dec 20120 and Spring (Jan – April 2021)

Upon successfully fulfilling the criteria outlined for the position of SMA the applicant will receive an honorarium in the amount of $500.00 at the end of their term as Social Media Ambassador (SMA).

Printable version of SMA Job Posting

CYCA Social Media Ambassador Job Posting

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