Social Media Ambassador (SMA)


The successful applicant is expected to complete a one-year term as the CYCA Social Media Ambassador (SMA). The objective is to become a viable source of communicating current CYCA events, information specific to Bantam/Juvenile/Junior Curling in Southern Alberta and share curling’s latest hot topics to create and maintain a social network for interested curlers.


  • The SMA shall communicate via Twitter and Facebook and/or other social networks to keep the Junior Curling audience informed and keep their interests piqued in youth curling. Audience includes current youth curlers, potential youth curlers, parents, coaches, students, teachers, competitive curlers, recreational curlers, fans, curling club staff and any others interested in youth curling.
  • Regular updating of CYCA Social Media platforms i.e. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.
  • Generate social media interest among a variety of social media users.
  • Be aware of and communicate CYCA programs and events.
  • Include information about junior curling activities in the Calgary area or involving Calgary area curlers whenever possible or when aware of these events.
  • Support and encourage the junior curling community with curling information and tips.
  • Source and promote new users to CYCA Facebook and Twitter.
  • Provide a written monthly update of activities for the CYCA Board to be presented at CYCA monthly board meetings
  • Attend meeting(s) of the CYCA as appropriate when requested (or Skype, Face to Face communiquĂ©)
  • Responsible as educator of curling and CYCA activities through social media activities directed to members and public.


  • Link Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts.
  • Connect on Facebook/Twitter with a minimum of 60% of Sunday League participants/families joining CYCA social media.
  • Start updating accounts upon signing the contract and continue for a 12 month period with the understanding that the curling off-season will have limited activity.
  • Add a minimum of 5 statuses/tweets/posts monthly between all social media outlets.
  • Promotions and reminders of all CYCA events to be timely with the CYCA published calendar of dates of activities.


  • Provide updates and information as appropriate during youth/junior events/bonspiels.
  • Source and promote events/bonspiels of interest to youth curlers to participate in.
  • Source local competitive adult curling events to promote and encourage youth fans to attend.
  • Communicate with members in a supportive and encouraging manner to promote curling.
  • Appropriate language for young people and families, tone and messaging, is expected.
  • Messaging and connecting is required to be relative to both genders.
  • Gain contacts of interest to our membership to widen the knowledge base of curling. ie, World Curling Tour participants.